That house… Kinkade-ian


Considering this elven workshop for my next space

"Many people enter the art museum with the intention of seeing specific works. To encounter a Rothko or even a Klein and Rauschenberg in the flesh – what can be said about such an experience? These are objects that irreparably changed “high visual culture“ with autonomous perspectives unique to the work itself. The works of artists like those above are often allocated special space in museum. There is usually enough space to recognize the autonomous value of work. However because the work is still only a part of the museum its physical existence is not met with a similar sovereignty. To be fair, from a non-demarcated perspective, one could debate how space affects value as an inseparable part of the work’s physical existence. Yet those most visited artworks have now become literal advertisements for the museum. They exist outside of the museum, striated onto the billboard, stretched onto the side of a city bus, even wrapped around paper coffee cups. Imagine Klein’s celebrated blue protecting your fingers from a scalding cup of coffee."